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NVH Trim Materials Sumary

1LWRT / GMT / GPFNonwoven + PP Fiberglass + NonwovenCarding WebGSM: 1200-1800 g/㎡Moulded after HeatingChassis Protect Panel, Parcel Shelf Body …
2POE / EPDM / TPE / EVAPOE Granules + Calcium PowderHeating ExtrusionThick: 1-5 mmMoulded after HeatingInsulator of Dashinner, Tunnel, Carpet Pad …
3PET Nonwoven Microfiber FeltMicrofiber + PET Fiber + Low Melting FiberCarding WebGSM: 300-1500 g/㎡
Microfiber: 0.5d-2.5d
Moulded after Heating
Dashinner, Roof, Door …
PET Nonwoven Fiber FeltPET Fiber + Low Melting FiberCarding WebGSM: 200-3500 g/㎡
Fiber: 4d-16d
Moulded after Heating
Carpet Pad, Dashinner, NVH Acoustic Pack, Roof, Door ...
4PET Needling FeltPET fiber + Low Melting Fiber / PP FiberNeedle PunchedGSM: 500-1800 g/㎡
Minimum: 150g /㎡
Moulded after Heating
Wheel House Cover and Other Hard Layer Felt
5Semi Cured Resin FeltRecycled Cotton Fiber + Phenolic Resin PowderAir LaidThick: 15-25 mm
GSM: 800-1400 g/㎡
MouldingEngine Compartment Insulator
6Recycled Cotton FeltLow Melting Fiber + Recycled Cotton Fiber + PET FiberAir LaidPET Soft Cotton Felt
Thick: 8-60 mm
GSM: 300-3500 g/㎡
Moulded after Heating
Insulation of Roof, Carpet Pad, Dashinner, Door Panel, Trunk Trim and Pad ...
Carding WebPET Hard Cotton Felt
Thick: 5-12 mm
GSM: 800-2000 g/㎡
Moulded after Heating
Insulation of Dashinner, Wheel House Inner Cover ...
7V-lap 3D Cotton FeltPET Fiber + Low Melting FiberVertical LayingGSM: 800-2500 g/㎡Die-Cutting,
Moulded after Heating
Carpet Padding, Dashinner, Roof, Door Panel Space, NVH Acoustic Pack ...
8Combined Sandwich FeltPP Fiber + PET Fiber + GF Fiber + PE FilmCarding Web + LaminatingGSM: 800-1800 g/㎡Moulded after HeatingWheel House Outer Assembly
PP GF Felt + Gigging PET CarpetCarding Web + LaminatingGSM: 800-1800 g/㎡Moulded after HeatingTrunk Trim System, Gate Trim Panel ...