We can produce both Materials and Ready Parts, working in OEM / ODM / OBM.

1. Needle punched Felt (Mechanical Bonding),

2. Thermal bonded Felt (Heat Bonding),

3. Resinated Felt (Chemical Bonding).

Yes, we have our own production lines for Extrusion Lamination and Coating.

We manufacture to order, but recommend that you do a good market research in advance, as these sound insulation parts usually have a long replacement cycle.

No, because we have a strict confidentiality agreement with the customer, the existing molds cannot be used by any third party, so you have to redevelop the molds.

Of course, we warmly welcome you to visit at any time,
we will pick you up at the airport or station and arrange all subsequent activities.

NVH Trim Materials Sumary

1LWRT / GMT / GPFNonwoven + PP Fiberglass + NonwovenCarding WebGSM: 1200-1800 g/㎡Moulded after HeatingChassis Protect Panel, Parcel Shelf Body …
2POE / EPDM / TPE / EVAPOE Granules + Calcium PowderHeating ExtrusionThick: 1-5 mmMoulded after HeatingInsulator of Dashinner, Tunnel, Carpet Pad …
3PET Nonwoven Microfiber FeltMicrofiber + PET Fiber + Low Melting FiberCarding WebGSM: 300-1500 g/㎡
Microfiber: 0.5d-2.5d
Moulded after Heating
Dashinner, Roof, Door …
PET Nonwoven Fiber FeltPET Fiber + Low Melting FiberCarding WebGSM: 200-3500 g/㎡
Fiber: 4d-16d
Moulded after Heating
Carpet Pad, Dashinner, NVH Acoustic Pack, Roof, Door ...
4PET Needling FeltPET fiber + Low Melting Fiber / PP FiberNeedle PunchedGSM: 500-1800 g/㎡
Minimum: 150g /㎡
Moulded after Heating
Wheel House Cover and Other Hard Layer Felt
5Semi Cured Resin FeltRecycled Cotton Fiber + Phenolic Resin PowderAir LaidThick: 15-25 mm
GSM: 800-1400 g/㎡
MouldingEngine Compartment Insulator
6Recycled Cotton FeltLow Melting Fiber + Recycled Cotton Fiber + PET FiberAir LaidPET Soft Cotton Felt
Thick: 8-60 mm
GSM: 300-3500 g/㎡
Moulded after Heating
Insulation of Roof, Carpet Pad, Dashinner, Door Panel, Trunk Trim and Pad ...
Carding WebPET Hard Cotton Felt
Thick: 5-12 mm
GSM: 800-2000 g/㎡
Moulded after Heating
Insulation of Dashinner, Wheel House Inner Cover ...
7V-lap 3D Cotton FeltPET Fiber + Low Melting FiberVertical LayingGSM: 800-2500 g/㎡Die-Cutting,
Moulded after Heating
Carpet Padding, Dashinner, Roof, Door Panel Space, NVH Acoustic Pack ...
8Combined Sandwich FeltPP Fiber + PET Fiber + GF Fiber + PE FilmCarding Web + LaminatingGSM: 800-1800 g/㎡Moulded after HeatingWheel House Outer Assembly
PP GF Felt + Gigging PET CarpetCarding Web + LaminatingGSM: 800-1800 g/㎡Moulded after HeatingTrunk Trim System, Gate Trim Panel ...

Material Production Lines

No.Production LinesFunctionCapabilityQtyWorkshop
1Extrusion LineProductionMax Width: 2200 mm
Thickness: 1-5 mm
1Laminating Workshop
2Extrusion Laminating Machine
ProductionMax Width: 2000 mm1Laminating Workshop
3Non-woven PET Felt Line
- 1, 2
Air Laying CardingMax Width - Air Laid: 2500 mm
Max Width - Carding: 2700 mm
2NonWoven Workshop
Web and ShapingSoft Cotton Felt:
Thick:8-60 mm
GSM:200-3500 g/㎡

Hard Cotton Felt:
Thick:5-12 mm
GSM:800-2000 g/㎡
4Non-woven PET Felt Line
- 3, 4, 5, 6
CardingMax Width: 2600 mm
GSM:100-3500 g/㎡
4NonWoven Workshop
Needle PunchingMax Width: 2800 mm
GSM: 100-1800 g/㎡