Ready Parts made of Our NVH Materials

4.3 Bonnet Liner (2)

Engine Compartment Insulator

1 Chassis Protect Panel LWRT (2)

Chassis Protect Panel

1 Wheel House Outer Cover (1)

Wheel House Outer Cover

2 Wheel Arch Liner (1)

Wheel House Inner Cover

1 Dashinner Insulation Pad (1)

Dashinner Insulation Pad

2 Pads Under Carpet (4)

Carpet Assembly and Pad

Tunnel Insulator

Parcel Shelf

Trunk Carpet

Trunk Lid

Trunk Side Lid

Trunk Storage

2 Microfiber Space Acoustic Pack (3)

Space Acoustic Pack

1 Motor Cover (4)

Motor Cover

2 Seats Ventilation Panel Grey (2)

Seats Ventilation Panel

AC Compressor Sound Blanket

Processing Methods Summary

WorkNo.Processing MethodsIntroductionEquipment
processed to
Finished Parts
1Die-CuttingProducts are only flat, do not require moldingRolling / Punching cutting machine
2LaminatingCoat the back of the material with PE filmLaminating Machine
3Moulding - Heats MoldHeating the Mold through an oil temp machine,
Room temperature material
Hydraulic Machine
4Oil Temp Machine
5Moulding - Heats MaterialOven Heats Materials,
Mold the softened material
Hydraulic Machine
7Moulding - Heats MaterialPlatform Heats Materials,
Mold the softened material
Hydraulic Machine
8Heating Platform
9Thermal BondingMaterials are thermally bonded together,
through high-frequency electric current
High-frequency Thermal Bonding Machine
10Water-Jet CuttingUse the water-jet cut robot to remove excess material from the partWater-jet Cut Robot
11BondingUse hot melt glue to bond the two materials togetherHot Melt Glue Machine